A second thought

My front sitting room has been feeling a bit disjointed (thank you Shanna for helping me figure out exactly what my issue was with this room).  The idea of the chairs was just OK and I guess I leaned in that direction partly due to the fact that the radiator sticks out and the room is on the smaller side.  So in short I was settling, that is, until I found this inspirational picture from Apartment Therapy

This room was featured as one of the contestants for Apartment Therapy's 7th Annual Smallest Coolest Home Contest, what a great idea!

I am thrilled to see the radiator in this room but what I love most are the different seating options and the two side tables next to the loveseat that host a couple mismatched lamps.  Things in my room are a bit too matchy matchy right now but that will change over time.  Decorating houses takes time, who knew?! 

So far, my room has gone from this:

To this:

And now this!

Still a work in progress but with the addition of the Ikea Ektorp loveseat that I should have bought a while ago, this room is starting to get the cozy feel I have been longing for.

What do you think?  I am not totally sold on keeping both chairs in the front room,  I have received mixed reviews on keeping them both and keeping just one.  I will be sure to post pictures as I go along.

Have a great week everyone!

See you swoon,


  1. Ooh! That sofa looks amazing! Love it! I need to see the space but my first instinct is one of the chairs should go to increase flow. I'm not sure you should get a chair and a half in that corner either. I think what you have works great! Love that sofa!

  2. Decorating does take time and sometimes I have no patience! But good thing you did, the room looks beautiful!! I love it!