A work in progress but looking good so far!

The day has finally come where I can look down my front entry hallway and... SEE THE PORCH!  I am going to preface all of this by saying the door needs some trim work and finishing touches as you will notice but I am in love.

Thank you to my husband and our best friend Andy, this door is finally a reality and no longer holding up the wall in our basement.  Installation was no easy task, not for me because there was not too much I could do but I watched Andy nearly break his back as he tore our door frame, molding, and stone apart to get the new pre-hung door to fit in the opening.  Since Andy lives next door and literally gutted his entire house he was somewhat prepared for this task, thank goodness because I would have cried about 10 minutes into ripping the door frame apart.  What made the project even more difficult is that we have a transom above the door so we had to be careful not to break that while we took everything else out.

So here is a look at the door before:

I know you are all dying to see how this process went down.  I can tell you it involved two saws, two crowbars, many, MANY tools and lots of man power.  There were probably five hundreds layers of paint on the wood and nails like you have never seen before, I am telling you something straight out of a torture chamber!  This made pulling the pieces of the wood frame apart much harder. So after 5 long hours and lots of this:

Yup, in the end the transom came out too.  Better to take it out than have it shatter.

I still cannot believe that all of this came out of the door frame.   

So now for the easy part-haha!  Kelly and Andy had to put the door in and out of the frame oh I would say ten times to get the door to fit and to actually shut.  There was a lot of putting the door in, removing it, and then taking a crowbar or a hammer to the stone and wood to remove more which was unbelievable.  In the end they did it and we literally let out shrieks of excitement and a happy dance I will not say from who but it was not me.

Here we are so far.  The transom is next up and then next week the trim will be replaced and repainted.  Stay tuned I want you all to see this amazing transformation once it is all done.

Trash bag transom, gotta love that!

The next morning all I wanted to do was sit on the bench and drink my coffee which is exactly what I did.  Cheers to you beautiful french door!

 Who knew you could love a door so much!  Any transformations take place at your home over the weekend?  Happy Monday, have a great week everyone!

See you swoon,