Swoon Worthy: House Warming Present

Yesterday Shanna and I had a family dinner and I had the pleasure of taking a house warming/thank you gift to her from my neighbor (and one of my best friends) Mo.  Mo works for Anthropologie so you know whenever you see that white envelope or white bag with the light grey letters it is going to be something you love!  So even though the gift was not from me I had just as much fun watching Shanna open it especially because I knew what was inside and I want some of these for myself. 

The Anthropologie Celestail Coasters, are so reasonably priced and will add interest to any room's decor.  They come in many colors and no one coaster is the same which makes them so unique.  I am always at a loss for different gifts to get for people but I have found time and time again that Anthropologie has a wide range of little pieces to larger items that have price ranges for all types of shoppers.

Anthropologie Celestial Coasters:

I want your thoughts today on gift ideas.  Tis' the season for housewarming parties, engagement parties and showers, OH MY!  What have you given in the past that you would give again?  Do you need help thinking of an idea for an upcoming shindig? 

Have a great week everyone!

See you swoon,


  1. I love these! Mo bought them for us in the "Moody Blue" which is the first one you pictured in the post. They're so pretty and I can't wait to use them!

  2. we totally have these! my husband (of all people!) picked them out while i was in the fitting room at anthro a couple of months ago - they're gorgeous, gorgeous. we opted for a multi-color combo of four. such a great gift!

  3. Now I need to get myself some of these lovelies! I love that your husband picked them out in the store!

  4. I bought these for a friend based solely on this post! Tell Anthropologie to send you something for free as a thank you!

  5. Shanna loves them too, I am so glad I was able to help with your gift idea! Now to work on the free thank you from Anthro :)