Pillows Galore: Kain Kain's Etsy Shop

As you all know my front sitting room is a work in progress, still a bit stark, but coming along slowly.  I have very little patience when it comes to decorating, I see what I want in my head but time, and sometimes affordability holds me back a bit.  Thank god Shanna and I have all of you to talk to and dream our decor dreams with, we love you all and this is such a great outlet to show you our plans as well as keep us on track, you know, actually finishing a project withouth walking away and starting another (so much easier said than done).    

So all of this jibber jabber brings me to what I have been stalking lately, pillows.  I think they will help bring more color into the front room and who doesn't love pillows?!  They are soft, fluffy, inviting and COLORFUL!!

I stumbled on this Etsy shop, Kain Kain.  All pillows are embroidered and made to order so they take a few days but I am drouling and swooning!  I am pretty sure I need about two hundred of these for my house.  I am debating on whether to do two long lumbar pillows across the front of my couch or get a few square pillows for the sides, Any suggesstions?

This is the room now (just for a quick recap and minus the chair to the right):

Now check these babies out!

I know, you are speechless.  Let's talk when you catch your breath.  I just love the embroidery and fun pops of color in the flowers and birds.  Which would be your favorite? 

See you swoon,

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