Swoon Worthy Product: Rowenta Hand Steamer

I know this is not nearly as fun as ripping down a door frame but it has almost brought me just as much satisfaction.   I dislike ironing with a passion, however, it is a necessary evil...UNTIL I borrowed the Rowenta hand steamer from our friend and almost did not give it back!  We used it on everything, the couch the curtains, our clothes and it worked like a champ. 

Rowneta Hand Steamer:

Kelly and I were given a big steamer for our wedding shower but have yet to figure that thing out so when we got our hands on this little guy we knew we had to have one.  We did end up giving this one back but one will be coming to live with us very soon.  Now that we have had a taste of life without an iron we cannot go back!

Any fun new products you have come across?  We always want to try new things so send them our way!

See you swoon,

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