A little front porch update

My front porch has been a work in progress.  So far you have seen the front door, that in itself has made a huge difference.  Last weekend my mother and I planted our hanging flower baskets to add some life to the front and Andy (neighbor and best friend for new readers) and Kelly mulched and weeded the front yard patch.

I thought I would make a quick trip to Home Depot to get the Adirondack chairs I have been eyeing up for $30 each!  They are very lightweight and need assembly but they were super easy to put together, I put three together in less than an hour.  They do come unfinished so that still needs to be taken care of with primer and protective paint with polycrilic, I will show you a tutorial on that later but for now you can really see the front porch taking shape. 

A little update....

I would have already ripped the tan iron posts and railing out myself if I wasn't afraid of having the roof collapse.  My brother has a friend that does contracting work so he will be stopping by to give me an estimate very soon!  I know we all love DIY but this is something I need to hand over to the professionals.

I want to see front porch transformations today, send over some of your ideas or things you are swooning over for your outside entertaining areas!

See you swoon

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