Bye-Bye Crazy, Scary Red Interior Door

 I know that title is insane but there is no other way to get the point across.  Our front door definitely serves its purpose but who just wants a front door that doesn't bring any beauty to a house..or let any light in for that matter?  Not this girl.  The worst part is that the door is actually a hollow interior door so safety is a huge issue right now.  We have a great neighborhood but you never know what could happen so we decided to replace this:

With this steel french entry door from Lowes:

I have to send a shout out to our best friend (and neighbor) Andy, this door is not going in without his help, I have been put on dinner duty since the boys will be doing this (god help us, I am no cook but I will give it my best!).  Hopefully I learn enough from this install to do the back door myself or I will be learning to cook real fast so I can feed Andy every time he comes over to help!

So now the part I need your opinions on, the doorknob.  For the sake of saving money and still keeping things looking fresh I could go with this guy for $25:

Or this one? This is the one I really want however, for a cool $139.00 it may be a tad painful on the wallet.  So do you go with this lovely and buck up the extra cash or go for the less inexpensive brushed nickle knob and replace at a later date?

Decisions, decisions.  I cannot wait to show you all the new door on Monday!  So let me know what you think, knob or lever?

See you swoon,

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  1. Love the new door! I would probably bite the bullet and go with the more expensive door knob and lock. You will be happy you did it in the long run. Maybe you could find a coupon for Lowes or HD that would help soften the blow.