Slice of Life: Jamie's Wedding

Shanna and I like to bring you little pieces of ourselves from time to time so you can get to know us better.  The other day she mentioned blogging about my wedding which surprisingly enough I never did, even when we were talking mostly about weddings.  Naturally this topic gets me giddy!

Let me start off by saying I was 40 minutes late to the church, partly because of the rain and partly because the trolley driver must have stopped at the local bar in between dropping the guys off and coming to get me.  Despite a few hiccups the day was truly amazing.  We got the enough rain to give us good luck for the rest of our lives but the most stunning sunset came out of it which you will see below.  Our photographer, Doug Burns with Candid Moments Photography was fantastic (you can see Kelly and me on the home page of his website, not that I am bragging or anything).  We loved his laid back style and the candid  (go figure, it's in the name)shots he was able to get for us.

We danced the night away with DJ Frederick Hart with Frederick Hart Entertainment who you will all get the pleasure of meeting at our Wear It Again Gala in January!  Fred is a class act and if anyone out there needs a DJ for any event he would be the first person I would recommend!

What more can I say, our wedding day was the most most amazing, touching, beautiful day in my life.  I still look back and want to do it all over again and would not change a thing.  So today let's talk weddings, tell me about yours, did you have a favorite part or something insane that happened that you want to share?

Handsome husband and the cutest ring bearer in the entire world:

 Hehe, Hi Shanna!  Shanna's mom made her dress, isn't it beautiful?!

My brother and me, so cute in those dress blues :)

My bad ass mob husband, just kidding but this picture is really cool!

Something blue:

                        Love the look on Kelly's face in this one :)                                                   Bouquet

Second trolley ride, this time we can breathe...or have a Corona!

Lots of kissing and sunset shots, I couldn't help myself, the sunset still gets me every time!

What's a wedding without an ugly shoe contest?

And the winner is??  The BM who stole the DJ's shoes!

 There you have it, in a very tiny nutshell.  I could do this all day long but you would be looking at oh 800 pictures or so!  Send me your wedding stories!!  Happy Friday all, have a great weekend.

See you swoon,


  1. Those sunset pics are stunning!

  2. Thanks Heather! I wish I could say I had something to do with that but at least something good came out of the insane rain that day!

  3. Your dress is ah-mazing. No wonder you guys are having a Wear It Again party!

  4. Thank you Julia! Now fitting back into it will be a whole different story!!

  5. What a gorgeous wedding!!!! Beautiful!!