I am loving Sherwin Williams yet again!

So the other day I was watching TV and saw a commercial explaining how to upload your home photos of individual rooms to the Internet and then paint with all different colors to find exactly what you want BEFORE painting!  I mean, if there was a program out there better suited for me I would be shocked.  I am the queen of painting and then wanting to paint again and again because finding the "right" shade of green or grey-blue is no easy task.  Needless to say this becomes a bit exhausting and expensive. 

Sherwin Williams Visualizer is fantastic!  I had to take the very short yet very informative tutorial to get the hang of it which I highly recommend.  I went in thinking I could handle the whole, upload, click around, paint but there is more to it than that and for good reason.  They set it up so you can outline the room and weird angles along with cutting out woodwork so each area can be painted separately.  It was frustrating at first to try and figure that out on my own but now that I know how it works, genius, completely genius I tell ya!

This is how you start (I know it says step 2 but step 1 is logging in), upload a picture that you have just taken or already have stored, I have tons as you may imagine.

Next you mask the areas (this is where I advise you to listen to the tutorial for your sanity and the safety of your computer):

And really the last step besides saving what you have done is playing with colors! 

Has anyone used this tool or know of anything like this they have used before?  I think this is going to save me a lot of time and money as I go along painting my house.  Try it out, let us know what you think!

See you swoon,


  1. Hi! Just became your newest follower! I love programs like this; I have one on my iPad so you can take a photo and change the colour, although they never work as well as I want them too. It is fun though!

  2. Hi Anna! I love these programs too, it took some patience to figure this out (hence the tutorial, I usually try to breeze right past that part) but when I did I loved it! Thank you for following, I stopped by your blog too and I am loving your posts!