Shanna's {New} Home - the Laundry Room/Mud Room

I'm so excited to have a laundry room on the main floor of my home!  I have had basement laundry rooms in my apartments and homes all of my adult life!  Add to that fact the laundry room is in a full-fledged mud room off the kitchen with a door to the garage? Yay!  

Keep Calm and Laundry on (clothes on a hanger), 13x19 Print-(Japanese Jade featured) Buy 3 get One Free
Sign courtesy of the Etsy Shop: KeepCalmShop

Before we moved, we took advantage of Memorial Day sales and snagged a new washer and dryer for a ridiculously good price from Lowes.  Trust me: I scoured the ads for the best deal and Lowes was it.  Even the pedestals were buy one get one free.  Not to mention our local power company was offering $50 rebates on all energy star appliances.  Yay!  The laundry room currently has a door separating it from the kitchen.  The powder room is also in that area.  I don't like the door there because there is always a collision between the powder room door and the bigger door from the kitchen to the laundry room - see? Bad.

So I'm going to remove it, which means my laundry room/mud room needs to be pretty easy on the eyes. Here is the "before" view of the laundry room from the kitchen/den area.

I wish you could see the washer dryer instead of the sink, but I can't change that yet!  I bought an inexpensive white cellular shade from Target and put it in the window.  I wanted to keep the light coming in but block the view of our neighbor's driveway.  I am normally not a valence kind of person, but I think some pattern over that window might be kind of pretty.  I also picked up a cheap rug from Target in a bluish gray for the floor.  Here is a shot of the room as it looks right now with the cellular blinds & rug, which make a big difference I think!

I'm thinking of painting the walls a light grey - a shade darker than I'll paint the kitchen, den and entryway (I'm planning to paint all those spaces the same light grey color so it flows nicely).  I'd like to paint the bottom of the utility sink a fun blue and paint the legs white.  I might paint the floor.  I definitely want some sort of art in there ... and I'm loving that cute "Keep Calm" print above!  In any event, I've rounded up lots of lovely laundries that I'm using as inspiration for making this space into a gorgeous swoon-worthy laundry room.
laundry/mud rooms - blue gray washer dryer shelves cabinets sink light fixture aluminum backsplash pendant frosted glass cabinets laundry room
Image courtesy of DecorPad

laundry/mud rooms - blue green striped rug schoolhouse pendant light ivory cabinets drawers white countertop blue walls paint color wicker umbrella stand blue green laundry room
Image courtesy of DecorPad

Image courtesy of Craftify It
Image courtesy of Katie's Closets

Image courtesy of Lemon Annie

I love them.  I guess it is not exactly shocking that I'm drawn to light, bright and airy spaces, no?  What's your laundry situation like? Do you love your laundry room, hate it or somewhere in between? 

See you swoon,


  1. Those laundry rooms are nicer than my kitchen ;) I love the new rug-it certainly makes the space cheerier (is that a word?). I know you will do something to make it look great, and I can't wait to see.

  2. Thanks Heather! I am oddly obsessed with this space right now. Even though it doesn't really make sense to start there, I don't know ... I might just start my projects in this room!

  3. Gorgeous laundry rooms! My own laundry is in a very dingy area under the house and regularly shared with spiders and other creatures since it has no ceiling and a few holes in the wall! More like a garden shed really! Can't wait for the day when I have a laundry like this - looking forward to seeing yours finished.

  4. Thanks Anna! I am excited to tackle it. You should have seen my basement laundry room in the old house before I got my hands on it ... paint can work wonders!

  5. Oh I absolutely LOVE these laundry rooms! Gorgeous!!