Trash bag transom no more!

Monday I showed you my lovely new french door which is still a work in progress but fabulous nonetheless.  Once the door was installed everyone was too exhausted to do anymore work so Kelly and I crafted a trash bag transom to keep bugs and rain out for the night.  The following day Andy was coming back over to install the transom above the door.  I was not able to take part in this because I had to work but came to home to a beautifully installed window that just increased the light in the hallway, LOVE, there really is no other word.  The hallway is my new favorite place to hang out!  The new door has caused my mind to race with ideas for the rest of the house again so I am trying to rein myself in a little bit and remind myself about the baby steps, I dislike baby steps in case you were wondering. 

This was what I left you with on Monday (kind of scary when I blow the door up this big, lots of trim work to be done!):

So I went to work and came back to this!

Alleluia!  Now for the finishing touches, I am hoping to have that reveal for you next week!!  I told Shanna I would pay close attention to this process so that we can install one of these doors in the back of her new home.  As long as her doorway is newer than 1911 and doesn't require the amount of demo my door frame did to get the measurements to work,  I think we can handle it.    

So what do you think so far?  Happy hump day everyone!

See you swoon,

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