Swoon Worthy Finds: My front sitting room

One of these days this room will come together.  It works for now and the chairs we recently bought certainly help but my house lacks that homey feeling and warmth you get when you walk into a lived in house that is fully furnished with pictures, and curtains, and all sorts of fun accessories.  I know we have only been in our home four months or so and part of the cold factor has to do with the fact that it is 26 degrees outside but I am getting seriously antsy.  I am antsy for the warm weather and the kind of DANGER antsy that makes you go spend $2,000.00 at the drop of a hat on furniture and fun items for you home.

Shanna and I have another PB outelt adventure planned for June, but until then I have been online creating a shopping bag of items that I would be proud to have grace my house.  Of course I am going to share the bag with you! 

Do any of you out there decorate your rooms and then want to keep re-decorating because you love so many things?  I would be happy to click my mouse and purchase everything I have in my online shopping bag, but who's to say I will not want to change everything in a couple months!?  That could become very expensive so I am trying to be careful and purchase items that are fun but also classic so they will stand the test of time. 

This is my front room now:

And here is my shopping bag full of pieces I want to add to this room.

I plan to use this and the medium sized basket below between the two chairs.  I am hoping to use it as a table and to help hide the radiator a bit.

Here is the medium basket to go on top:

This lamp is the perfect solution for lighting in this room. Rather than bashing holes in the walls to hang a drum light from the ceiling, this will give the same effect and still hang right where I want it!  

I would replace the lamp shade with this one instead:

Next up, the hallway runner that needs to be replaced, I was thinking something like this:

And last but certainly not least, a mirror to go above the new entryway bench at the end of the entry hallway, maybe something like this pressed tin mirror:

Or, this ivory washed/distressed mirror:

There you have it, now for some bold pillows to liven up the place.  Off to shop some more, and when I find what I am looking for you will all be the first to know.  Are you searching for ideas to decorate your home?  We would love to help so drop us a line!

See you swoon,

{all items above from Pottery Barn}

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  1. I heart all of those items! I hope you can score some similar things at your next PB outlet adventure. I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes "window shop" online.