A nice way to make an entrance

It seems lately that Kelly and I have been making some real progress filling our home with pieces of furniture that we hope will be classic and versatile (and sturdy for kids one day) for many many years to come.  I figured since this week has been about refinished tables and new chairs and I would show you our new entryway bench that I am so happy with! 

We bought this from Target, the cushions are not ideal and are pretty hard but I knew this when I bought it from reading the reviews.  I am OK with either recovering these or getting a new bench cushion.  Did you know how expensive those things are, holy cow!  I was blown away, I have yet to find one less than $60 but I am determined to get one soon.  I am so excited for the day we replace our front door and all of the morning light comes rushing through and brightens up this hallway (oh yes, there will be pictures).

Right now the house is lacking color but on the upside I have at least created a blank canvas to start decorating with accessories.  Trendy accessories are much easier and less expensive to replace than trendy furniture so this is why you see a lot of beige and white right now.  For those of you craving color, I am with you and stay tuned, it will be coming soon.

Here is the bench:

For a better view, here are what the cushions look like against the wood:

This is my idea for the bench cushion, do I attempt to make this?  Eeeek!  Knowing Shanna and myself, we are going to try. If we do, we will show you how it works out one way or another.  Have any of you been successful with making a bench cushion?

Bench Cushion from Pottery Barn:

Are any of you shopping for new furniture this weekend?  Do you have your eye on anything you would like to add to your home?  All I can say is happy shopping and enjoy all the sales!

See you swoon,

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