Swoon-Worthy Find: Sleep to Live

Any of you out there looking for a good night's sleep? Search no further.  I have officially had four nights of amazing sleep and am completely in love with my new bed.   Kelly and I have had been sleeping on his mattress that we took from his parents when we first moved out about six years ago.  After last weekend, I was done and willing to spend million dollars just to get a night of rest without tossing and turning.  Off to Sleepy's we went! 

I had a set number in my head on what I wanted to spend and the second I laid on the mattress that was to be ours, I blew that budget out of the water.  I do not recommend doing this but I was desperate for a good night of sleep so I can still say I do not regret going a bit over what I had anticipated spending. 

First, you go into Sleepy's and they greet you, this part I expected.  The next course of action is laying on this twin size foamy bed thing that is hooked up to a computer.  The computer analyzes all of your pressure points and they talk to you about any pain you are having.  Once Kelly and I laid down, they gave us a  print out showing that I needed a softer bed and Kelly needed something a little firmer.

This is what we ended up with: Sleep to Live

Just looking at this right now makes me jealous that my cat, Speedo, was laying in it when I left this morning.  I have found myself wanting to go to bed around 8:30 just so I can lay in its lusciousness.  I would show you what it looks like in my room but I have yet to actually make the bed so when I do that I will be sure to show you a picture.

What I have not told you about this bed is that my half is exactly the softness I need and the other half is an exact fit for Kelly.  When they deliver it, the tags you see at the bottom have your color from the computer so you know which side is yours.  Even if you are not going to buy a mattress at least stop in the store and take a nap on this thing. Love.

We also threw a couple of these guys in for good measure, it was almost like paying for a wedding.  What's a little extra cash after you buy the mattress? DANGER, I know, and for those of you planning a wedding or have been married, you know what I mean about spending money.  So needless to say, the Tempur-Pedic pillows came home with us too.

Do you have any swoon-worthy finds this week?  Send them our way so we can share them with everyone!

See you swoon,

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