Swoon-Worthy Site: The Glossarie

Mmm, it is still Winter.  I am usually a big time Winter gal: I hate being hot, I hate humidity.  I usually just love Winter and the cold, brisk air ... but this year, I am Officially Over Winter.  The warmer temps last week and on tap for this week are encouraging, but I am ready for Spring right this instant. And last week, when I blogged about my friend Toya and her blog Life of a Ladybug, I mentioned one way that makes me think Spring is to indulge in new make-up.  The Glossarie is another new favorite site of mine.  I mean ... just take a look at her header.  I want everything. I especially want those Guerlain Meteorites! Oh, and the NARS blush.  OK, and the L'Occitane hand cream.  OMG, is that a Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick? Must stop.

I recently discovered The Glossarie, when Lara (the author) left a comment on our blog.  I tracked back to her site and totally swooned.  Lara does reviews and write-ups on products that run the gamut from drugstore bargains to high-priced luxury brands.  Gotta love that.  I also love her effusive and warm writing style - each post makes you genuinely excited to try the product (oh ... if only I had an unlimited budget) and to come back and see what she'll feature the next day!  Click on over to The Glossarie and let us know if you like it as much as we do!  Here's a pic of the gorgeous author, Lara!

I surely can't be the only one ready for Spring.  If you are, let me know ... and while you're at it, share any fun, Springy make-up finds that you've scored!

See you swoon,

{photos courtesy of The Glossarie.}


  1. you ladies are awesome! thanks so much for this. i am honored to be in such great company of other swoon-worth sites :) xo

  2. We are happy to feature you and your site! Even though it is dangerous for our wallets :)