A Nice New Place to Rest Our Fannies

Our new chairs from Overstock have arrived!  My husband put these together while I was at work, and just so you are all aware, when they said assembly required they meant screw the legs on and cover with the chair with slipcovers.  After he put them together he sent me a picture from his phone to show our sparse front sitting room starting to take shape starting with these two lovelies below.  I have been shopping for chairs going on four months now, they are darn expensive which is why it took me so long to actually pull the trigger on this purchase!  When I came across these at $398.00 for both and shipping I jumped on it.

This is a shot of the material, so, so soft.  Keeping the cats away from it has already become a challenge.  Any cat lovers out there who have ideas on how to do this please let me know.

At first I was not so sure about them.  The chairs in my mind were a tad larger than these and MUST be soft and cushy.  Kelly (my husband for any new readers who are not sure who Kelly is) knows me better than I know myself sometimes, he just asked me to come home and try them out before I had him packing them back in their boxes and shipping them out.  I did this and he was right, they are amazingly soft and actually pretty deep.  Now that you have heard the long story, the short of it is that we kept them. 

My plan for this room is to make it a comfy sitting room with not even an ounce of formal to be seen.  Everything right now is a work in progress but these chairs are our small victory for now.  I will be sure to keep you updated on how the room comes together piece by piece. 

Now that the chairs are in place I would love to hear any ideas you have for the rest of this room, I am open to all advice you have!  Are you working on filling your home with furniture?  What are some of your favorite furniture stores? 

See you swoon,


  1. Oh! They look terrific! I'd bring in some pattern in pillows and art ... maybe some pictures on the wall. A big chunky basket filled with blankets on the floor. For the cats, my mom swears by this stuff called Bad Cat or something. You spray it and supposedly they hate the smell? Coco only eats/scratches woodwork, caulk, and shoelaces, so our upholstery has been spared.

  2. I enjoyed how you downgraded how difficult they were to "put together." Those slipcovers were tricky! :)

  3. Shanna, thank you! I am excited to get some new accessories for that room and I must try the Bad Cat too. Thanks!

    Kel, I have to give you credit, I was not there to see the actual assembly so I did not see the slipcovers going on to the chairs, but you made it look so easy :)