Reader Submission: Madelyn's Chic Desk

I'm so excited to bring you today's post!  My good friend Madelyn is amazing: there's no other way to put it.  She has an eye for design and decorating that I admire so much, and boundless energy to get it all done.  And she's always so unassuming about it: "oh, I just refinished a dresser and painted argyle on my walls this weekend, no biggie." [seriously: she painted argyle on her son's nursery walls - I think this may call for a guest post here at Swoon, no?].  She has been redoing her guest room in a very feminine style and was on the hunt for a desk to suit the space.  I'm so glad she shared her before & after with me!

Before:  she found this desk on Craigslist.  She was able to see past the finish and the dated hardware and loved the potential, especially the graceful lines of the piece.  And the price was almost too good to be true: about $40! 

After:  she used some white paint and bought some new hardware -- the desk became a totally chic stunner!  Look at how lovely it is!

Thanks to Madelyn for sharing her pictures, and here's hoping she sends more!  Are you inspired to do a furniture make-over? I sure am!

See you swoon,


  1. I love it! Craigslist finds are the best.

  2. Madelyn, I love this! It makes me want to go home and paint more furniture now!