Reader Request: Lynn's Kitchen Drawers

I am so happy that my good friend Lynn took me up on my offer to help with organizing.  I say it in almost every post and I mean it: I loooove to organize!  Because Lynn lives in South Carolina and I'm here in Pennsylvania, we "organized" via email.  It was fun for me, and hopefully helpful for her!  Here's what went down.

Lynn emailed me pictures of a few drawers in her kitchen.  The big challenge, as is always the big challenge, was finding an organizational system for the drawers that wouldn't break the bank and that fit: both literally in the drawers and the way that they lived.

I created the following style boards for Lynn. Click on them to enlarge them {and lesson learned: I will use an easier to read font next time ... but man, I love that Geo Sans Light}

I had so much fun doing a virtual organization of Lynn's kitchen drawers! The total cost for all of the organizational solutions I suggested is $56.  I have seen similar products for less money at other places, so Lynn's total could be even less.  Let's hope she shares the after pix.  A big thank you to Lynn for letting me help her and for not being afraid to show the Internet her drawers ... er, kitchen drawers, that is.  Need organizational help? Give me a shout!

See you swoon,

Wanna buy something above? Here's where you can find it all {and note we aren't paid by any of these companies below}:

Drawer #1:  * expandable shelf from Stacks & Stacks ($10); * big roll of textured "gripper" contact shelf paper from Target ($4) - I could not find online but I found the price and they definitely have it.

Drawer #2: * expandable wire shelf from Stack & Stacks ($14); * * white utensil holder from Crate & Barrel ($20); * two individual silver mesh utensil organizers from Container Store, size 3x9 ($4 each - $8 total)

Drawer #3: nothing to buy!


  1. Great job! I really need to have you help me with some organizing. My closet, my kitchen, my bedroom and my basement need major overhauls.

  2. Sure thing, Toya! I'd love to help.

  3. I'd love to help too! Let me know!