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I don't know about you, but this Winter has got me in a gray murky funk.  Sure, the lovely yellow of our gorgeous new blog helps perk me up a bit, but honestly, when I see we are still in February with (probably) more snow and ice on the way, I can't help but feel kind of blah.  One of the ways I feel a little better and pull myself out of the doldrums is to freshen up my make-up.  Who can be down when there are so many beautiful colors?

I admit I get a little overwhelmed when it comes to make-up, and I tend to play it safe and stick to what I know works.  But I'm always on the hunt for something new and pretty.  Enter my good friend Toya and her blog: The Life of a Ladybug.  Toya has been blogging for years and has amassed a blog chock-full of tips, product reviews and musings of her own.  She even did a guest post here at Swoon on summer wedding make-up tips!  Toya is a professional make-up artist (not to mention a  professional belly-dancer, a full-time worker and the mom to a sweet 7 year old daughter), but she is also a gifted writer.  Even if you're not into make-up, you can't help but just love the way she works the English language.  In fact, she was featured on NPR's amazing series, "This I Believe" for an essay that she wrote about natural hair.  Love it ... and love her!  Here's a picture of the lovely Toya:

Give Life of a Ladybug a whirl! I guarantee you'll learn something and find some eye-candy that might help hasten Springtime!

See you swoon,

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