Pretty Painted Seaglass Chest

Hello and Happy Monday!

A few months ago, I posted about the slew of painting projects I had lined up.  Over the Memorial Day holiday weekend I got to it!  Here is one today: the little IKEA chest in my bedroom.  I had a small IKEA Rast chest in the corner of my room, which holds workout clothes.  I can't believe that I cannot fit everything I own in my huge dresser and huge closet. But I cannot, so I brought in one more small piece.  I like the Rast a lot - it's solid wood and has tons of potential.  But it is a little small, and I think it's better suited as a nightstand, which it will be in Big's room.  Here is the Rast:

So I bought the IKEA Tarva chest.  It was about $80 and much bigger than the Rast.  Like the Rast, the Tarva is solid wood and has tons of potential.  It went from this ...

To this!

Obviously the unfinished wood was temporary.  I decided to paint it a sort of seaglass greenish blue, since my bedroom - shockingly - is awash in white and cream.  I had a quart of Valspar paint and primer in one on hand in Sherwin Williams Waterscape, which is what I used on the bamboo entryway table in the old house.  I love this color!  And I really love the Valspar paint.  It's good stuff.  It took one coat of oil based primer (Zinsser), two coats of the Valspar and then two very thin coats of Polycrilic in satin finish.  And ... voila!

I bought some glass knobs at Home Depot.  

I really like the chest, but I would like to make some changes once I have a little more time. I think it needs some molding to dress it up a bit.  And I'm not sold on those glass knobs - but I want to wait to replace them until the molding is done.  I probably should have worked on the molding while I was building and painting the chest, but I really just wanted to get it done!  I'd love to mimic this look on an Ethan Allen chest:

But for now, I'm loving the increased storage and pop of seaglass in my room!  

Wednesday I'll give an update to other changes around my bedroom ... stay tuned for all of this and more. 

What about you? Copying any designer furniture pieces lately? Painting furniture or walls?  

See you swoon,

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  1. hmm...posting issues for me.

    I really like the hanging lamp. That corner just needs a basket by the chair to hold your magazines and nail polish (or whatever).