Coaster Art

Hello and Happy Friday!

There's pretty much nothing more precious than hearing your children tell you they love you.   And there's pretty much nothing more precious than seeing your children write "I love you", especially completely unprompted.

A few months ago, I took the kids to dinner at a local restaurant.  I love it there because the food is good, it's a brew pub, and they are great with kids. They always give the kids crayons, which is great.  So, while we were there, Little took a coaster, turned it over and wrote "I love you", colored a border, drew a heart and proudly gave it to me.  It melted my heart into one million pieces.  And I couldn't bear to throw it out. 

The more I lived with the little heart art in my upstairs hall, the more I realized Little's coaster art would work in its place.  I like, but don't love, the heart in this picture.  I bought it years ago in Sausalito.  

So, I decided to use Little's art instead.  I just used permanent double-sided tape to attach it to a turquoise piece of scrapbook paper and then popped it in the frame.  

And then hung it on the wall ...

Aside from making me smile every time I see it, I much prefer the colors that Little used!  I may move this to my stairwell gallery once I finally get around to creating that.  But for now, it lives here, and I see it multiple times per day.  Love. 

See you swoon,

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