Hit the Deck!

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a great weekend.

Over the holiday weekend, I took advantage of the absolutely stunning weather (not too hot, not too cold and lots and lots of sunshine) and worked on a ton of projects around my place.  Top among them was to get my two outdoor spaces into shape.  Today I'll share the before and after of my upstairs deck.

The upstairs deck just needed a little cleaning and decorating.  Here it is before ... all my furniture was stored away for the winter.

First, I had to clean the deck floor.  It was green in spots. See?

I went to my local hardware store (True Value in Paoli) and talked to the owner, who was so helpful.  He carried a great product that was all set to go: Olympic Deck Cleaner.  All I did was put it in a bucket, and spread it on the deck floor with a cheap sponge mop.  Let it sit for 10 minutes then rinse with buckets of water.  The green was gone!  Easy peasy.  

Once the floor was clean, it was time to decorate.  I bought the patio furniture and coral indoor/outdoor rug last summer from Target.  The pretty coral and white pots are all from Home Goods.  And the herb planters are from Christmas Tree Shops.

This year I picked up the cute pillows (indoor/outdoor fabric) from Pier 1.  They were on crazy sale for the Memorial Day holiday.  I bought a handful of new plants and will do my very best to keep them alive.  I will turn this black thumb green yet.  

This space has evolved nicely!  I can't wait to hang out up here.  I have a few projects I'd like to tackle at some point: replace the ugly light, spruce up the little table and bring in some more lanterns.  But for now, I'll enjoy my pretty little space.  

See you swoon,