Anthropologie Haul

Why.  Why do I even go into Anthropologie?  And why do I go in when I know there is a big sale?  Because I know what will happen: I will buy things.  And that is what happened last weekend.  I got lured in by this little siren song:

I went in with a purpose: I wanted to get some coasters.  I love the Celestial Coasters and wanted to pick some up.  My store sells them individually for $8 each, so I grabbed two of the pink ones and figure I'll head back (of course) and pick up a few more.  

I could have stopped there.  I could have just taken my new beautiful coasters to the checkout and paid $16 and walked out. But I didn't.  I figured I was there, and maybe I could find a steal in the sale section.  So that's where I went.  I went into the sale section and of course I found two great things: sunglasses and a cute belt.

The sunglasses were $19 and are the style I love: a sort of oversized cat eye Jackie O sunglass.  These are similar, but I don't think they are exactly it. 

I also found an adorable warm-pink beaded belt: the Bowline Belt.  It was on sale for $30, which was more than I wanted to spend, but I loved the way it looks.

I think it will look fabulous with the coral dress my mom made for me for Jamie's wedding.  This one below.  I have a couple of weddings coming up, so I think I can wear the dress again and add a new, sparkly detail to it.   

I didn't see any clothes I liked in the sale section, but of course that did not stop me from scouring every single rack in the store.  I went into the dressing room with an arm full of dresses and thankfully came out with just one: the Intersections Day Dress.  At $68 it was (clearly) not on sale, but I loved the way it fit and thought the neckline and shoulder area were so flattering.  I walked around the store with it for awhile (again: scoping out the racks) and decided to bring it home.  I'm glad I did! Here it is on, but you'll have to wait for a future "What I Wore" post to see how I ended up styling it.

That's my haul.  As soon as I got in the car after shopping, I texted Jamie and said:

Hi.  Next time I say I'm going to Anthropologie, please tackle me and punch me in the face.  Thanks.

Jamie replied:

LOL.  What did you do??

I replied:

I don't even know.

Ha.  From what I recall, Anthropologie has another pretty good summer sale at the end of July.  So unless Jamie makes good on her promise to tackle and punch me (and maybe despite her doing so), I will be there.  I need a couple more coasters, after all.   

See you swoon,
Note: anthropologie has not paid or otherwise comped me for today's post.  They are welcome to do so at any time, though! 

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