Bedroom Spruce-Up

Hello hello.  On Monday, I shared the before and afters of a little chest I painted and brought into my bedroom.  The chest was the beginning of a serious domino effect of projects around my house: once I brought in the chest, I could move out the old one and redo it for Big's room. And once I brought it in my room, I could finally hang the wall-mounted light I bought months ago and move things around to suit the space better.  My room is evolving nicely!

Here is my bedroom before (and some of these pictures were taken last Summer and are super old):

You know how much I love white in decorating.  This room has a ton of it!  The walls are a great-looking white.  I have cream furniture and white bedding.  This picture does not show it, but there are white curtains at the window.  

This corner across from the bed was a sweet little spot for my white chair and table and lamp.  

In the little nook near the bed, I had the old IKEA Rast dresser to hold my workout clothes.  My jewelry box (must refinish - that dark wood is killing me) and white noise machine on top.  But this area needed a little more light ...

So a few months ago, I bought a Hampton Bay wall-mounted swing arm lamp for this very spot.  I got it at Home Depot for about $30.  I loved that it is a plug-in and I would not have to deal with running cords and wires through the wall.  

I hated the shade that went with it, so I replaced it with a Ballard Designs Marcel shade, which I snagged on sale and with a coupon code around Memorial Day.  I went with the greenish blue pattern in the lamp on the left.

Here's what I did.  First, when I brought in the new chest, it was clear that it just did not fit in the spot where the old chest was.  So I moved it to the area where the chair used to be.   I'm going to paint the jewelry box white or use silver leaf on it.  Oh, and I have plans to add some art in this corner.  

The chair moved to the wall where the chest used to be. There wasn't room for the little white table, but that's OK - I moved it downstairs next to the couch instead!  Once I had the chair in place, I could finally hang the wall-mounted lamp.  

While the room was a mess and I had my drill and level, I hung the set of three antiquey looking mirrors over my bed as well.  I found these at Target and bought them a few months ago.  I like how they break up the white wall over the bed. 

And there you have it!  My room is coming right along.  I still have to hang some art, maybe bring in a full length mirror near the new chest and organize a few spots.  But the room is shaping up to be a great little retreat for me. 

See you swoon,


  1. I just realized I commented on the wrong post. The comment button on the top instead of the bottom of a post confuses me.

  2. Like the decoration of the house especially the lamp.