What I Wore {part 14}

Hi all! Happy (official) Summer!  Here's what I've been wearing ...

* Grey Ruffle Shell & Pink Pants *

All of the pieces in this outfit are from my closet and are at least 5 years old.  I bought the pink pants back in 2005 at the Limited.  The grey shell is from Banana Republic and was a gift a few years ago.  The shoes, which are hard to see, are gorgeous Prada mules and covered in ribbons.  I bought them in New York City at Saks back in 2002.  

* White Tee, Yellow Scarf, Boyfriend Jeans *

I wore this to work on a casual Friday.  Nothing special here: I just paired a white tee shirt with my yellow and white scarf from New York & Co.  The jeans are from the Gap outlet and are the "boyfriend jean" style.  I roll them up.  I love them!  They are so comfortable.  I thought the yellow flats were kind of fun.  And here I am with my assistant stylist.  She loves to help me put outfits together.  

* Navy Top & Seersucker Pants *

You know I love me some seersucker.  I have a seersucker dress and skirt, but I did not have any seersucker pants.  A trip to LL Bean cured that problem.  I found these at LL Bean and they were very reasonably priced and well made.  I had to have them tailored and about two feet taken off the length (ha!), but I'm thrilled with the finished result.  The top is a score from the Gap Outlet from last summer. It's hard to see in these pictures, but it has some lace detailing on it. 

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I hope yours is smashing -- well, as smashing as a Wednesday can be anyway.  

See you swoon,

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