Patio Cleanup (part 1)

On Monday, I shared the before and after of my upstairs deck.  I also made progress on my downstairs patio.  Remember this?

That picture was from right after I moved in.  It got a little rough out there.  Here you go ...

So, I took a few hours on a Sunday, a handful of garbage bags and got down and dirty and cleaned up the space.  I bought three bags of black mulch from Home Depot, a new hose and nozzle (the hose that was here was in bad bad shape) and some cutters and pruners.  I weeded between the bricks, weeded the beds, pruned the bushes, made little beds of mulch and gave the whole space new life.  Here it is now.

I still have some work to do.  I need to hang the hose holder and hose, clean and put a fresh coat of white paint on the Adirondacks, clean the bricks with the deck cleaner, and plant a couple of hydrangea or peony bushes.  Next year, I want to make this space into an outdoor living area ... but I don't think I can do it this year.  Baby steps, right?

Have a good weekend! Are you planning on doing any projects?  Please share!

See you swoon,

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