Dining Room Mirror: navy blue to cream!

Good morning!  I have a quick before and after to share today.

Once it was time to move Big's little kid dresser out of his room, I knew I'd repurpose it.  The dresser itself is in the kids' playroom and holds the television and Wii (still untouched and navy blue).  But the mirror - the mirror was going in the dining room.  Here is the dresser before:

The mirror was easy to remove: it was on wooden posts that screwed into the back of the dresser.  I just took them off.  I wanted to put the mirror over my buffet, seen here on the left:

Of course the navy blue would not do!  I used a coat of oil based primer (Zinsser) and then three coats of Valspar's paint and primer in one in Cream Delight with two coats of Polycrilic on top in the satin finish.  

To hang it, I bought a Hangman picture hanging system.  I've used these before for heavy mirrors (Jamie actually told me about it when she made her own chunky rustic mirror), and I can't say enough great things about them. They are fool proof! 

And here's the finished product!  The cream matches the cream furniture almost perfectly, and I just love how the mirror makes the space feel lighter, brighter, homier and more finished all at once.

I'd like to get a tray for the middle of the buffet.  But for the most part, this little nook in my dining room is all set!  

See you swoon,


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