Nantucket Red Skirt: a year's worth of use!

Don't you just love it when you prove yourself right?  I sure do.  Case in point, my Nantucket Red skirt I picked up last Summer.  I had been coveting the look of a Nantucket Red skirt -- that faded, beachy red -- and finally bit the bullet and purchased the real deal from Murray's Toggery shop in Nantucket by ordering online.  The skirt was about $65, so I resolved to try to wear it beyond the Summer.  And I've made good!  I wore it in the Summer, and Fall, and Winter and now Spring!

Here's what I did for my Spring look:

I wore a striped, fitted top from H&M tucked into the skirt.  I loved how nautical it felt.  I was thrilled to realize my new coral wedges (from TJ Maxx) looked like a perfect match to the Nantucket Red!  So I wore them with it.  

And now for a round up of how my little skirt fared in each of the four seasons:

chambray shirt, brown leather belt and brown leather cork wedges

cream cowl neck shell, ruffly tan cardigan, bare legs, tall brown riding boots

Cream cotton Irish sweater, yellow polka dotted scarf, brown tights, brown riding boots

black and white striped top, coral wedges

And there you go! Four full seasons and one little skirt.  I'd say I've gotten my money's worth and then some.  I'll keep posting outfit ideas for this little guy.  I still have some ideas ...

See you swoon,