A little door progress

Sometimes these before and after "progress pics" make me nuts because I hate waiting to see the end result (and I guess it truly is not a before and after if it is in the middle).  However, since my front door has been a spring into summer, summer into fall project I thought this would be the time to show you the front door progress that my neighbor Andy and I made yesterday.

Slowly but surely, we are getting there.  Here is a little play by play for you:

Bye-bye red door, hello huge mess and lots of work ahead:

Trash bag transom!

Transom In:

Finaly, door is in and opens and closes, success! We still have some work to do (see inside frame):

And here is what we did yesterday!

I have some serious spackle and crack filler to work with but I assure you next time you see this door post, it will be the last!  Anyone working on a project that has taken longer than expected? 

See you swoon,

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