Silvery Side Table

The front corner of my living room just got an instant face lift.  Before, it looked like this:

Of course I have plans to paint and upholster that chair, but that is going to be a pretty complicated process.  So I went for instant gratification and spray painted the white table.  I usually loooove white furniture, but I have always planned to paint this piece in a metallic.  I think it needs it with the white lamp and Alabaster walls.  Plus, once I fix up the chair, there will be even more white: I'm going to do a distressed white and Comfort Grey on the frame and a white cotton duck fabric on the upholstery.  Enter Krylon's Brushed Nickel Spray Paint.  A few coats of this and ... voila!

I had this on hand before my October No-Spend, so I didn't spend a penny.  While I was at it, I shopped my house and added some accessories to the table.  Looking good!

While I had my spray paint trigger and drop cloth out in the yard, guess what else I painted? I'll give you a hint ... 

Oh yeah!! Stay tuned for the big reveal of those bad boys!  Unfortunately, the transformation was not nearly as smooth sailing as this little side table.  Gah. 

So what do you think? Are you a spray painting junkie?  It can be sooo easy and fun.  

See you swoon,


  1. I love the way that turned out. I was toying with the idea of buying that table and spraying it silver for my bedroom, so now I know it looks great :)

  2. Spray paint's awesome. I love the way this turned out.

  3. Your better with a can of spray paint than my delinquent brother was in the 80s!