Is there ever too much fabric?

I am going to make you work this morning.  I know, rough for a Monday but I may as well get your brain going to start off the week.

I am strangely obsessed with my front sitting room...that no one sits in.  This is really just the first room that everyone passes through to get to the rest of the house, and the room I stare into as I blog every day so I do want it to look pretty, you know for nice first impressions and to stimulate my mind so I can be the best blogger I can be :)

Anyway, Shanna and I though it would be nice to add some height and softness to the room with some skinny curtain panels and then switching out the white roman blinds for bamboo blinds to add some depth and texture.  When I show you the picture you can ignore the white roman still hanging and turn your attention to the white panels and silver rod.

I need to know what you think about this set up?  Do you like it?  Too much fabric?  Shanna and I are having some trouble LOVING it so I wanted to get your thoughts.

Front room before:

And after (try and picture it with bamboo blinds):

You may be asking why I even decided to switch up the romans and pull them all the way up.  This room actually gets quite a bit of light and what I did not realize is that the white shades hide quite a bit of it so I need another plan, and maybe some added color other than white everywhere (as much as I love it).

Cannot wait to hear from you all today.  Have a great week!

See you swoon,


  1. With a fresh set of eyes, I am now firmly convinced it doesn't work. I think it makes the room look shorter and smaller and crowded. I'd ditch the panels and rod and just go with bamboo shades on the curtains. I like the look and feel of the "before" picture better.

  2. I love bamboo shades with curtains. It's a beautiful look. The curtains you are using seem very full, so it is throwing it off a bit.

  3. I agree with Shanna. I think replacing the white shades with bamboo roman shades will look great. I am in love with the bamboo roman shades we have. It will definitely add the depth and texture you are looking for, while keeping the clean look of the roman shades. I don't know if you have standard sized windows or not, but if you do you can get bamboo shades at Lowes for a great price.
    Can't wait to see :)

  4. I do think it's too much fabric or maybe it's just the type of fabric. It almost seems like something a little "stiffer"/heavier and not as wide may work better. Maybe more of a canvas or heavier cotton fabric?

  5. Thank you all for your suggestions, I needed them. I am going to try the bamboo blinds alone and see how that works out, I will be sure to show you all the update :)