As promised, a Friday after...

Today starts my before and after round ups!  I promised to show you the final afters of my front door and kitchen window seat earlier this week after I teased with you with partial afters (not as fun I know but it had to be done to buy me more time).  Today is the window seat because the door has a few finishing touches that I am taking care of this weekend so hold your breath for Tuesday, you are going to be blown away at the final transformation.

This is what I left you with on Wednesday (you can see the rest of the tutorial here):

Cue trumpets....

I am thrilled with this and now instead if this space holding fruit, it can hold my family and friends...with a lovely glass of wine!  I will play around with pillows since I stole these from the front room for the pictures just to get a more homey feel but I love the crisp beachy look of the stripes with the cream color tones.  One day in the near future I will be adding cabinet doors to the shelves beneath for more storage and to cover my supports.  As soon as that happens you will all be the first to know (with Shanna as an exception of course!).

Happy Friday everyone, we made it!

See you swoon,

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  1. I love it, and that fabric is gorgeous!Love it with the paint color on the wall. It's perfect now, when you add the doors it will be fabulous!