Curtains, floors and blinds oh my!

Why stop at asking for advice?  Since asking for your advice seems to be my theme this week why stop at curtains and floors?  I have been stalking every website known to man for the perfect roman blinds that are perfectly priced of course.  Much harder than you would think, I mean roman blinds right, how hard can it be?  Hard, it is very, very hard.

OK well really the hardest part is shopping online (gasp).  It is tough to get a feel for what the true color is and the pattern in the blind itself.  I am looking for a medium tone with a very see-through look that will give a little privacy but still let in tons of light.

This was my room on Monday, I took your advice and the white panels went, it just wasn't working:

So now we are back to this with the white roman standing all alone:

I do like the white shades but I feel like I need a warmer feel in this room and the wood toned roman shades should give off that feeling that I am longing for.  So the question is, which blinds to you like best, we will play multiple choice!

A) Home Depot Designview Bamboo Sedona Roman Shade (mouthful geez) $ 30.97 each.  I like how you can see through these, they seem to let the light in but may be a little too light or slightly yellowish.

B) Overstock Tuscan Roman Blind $31.79, really like these.

C) Walmart Kenney cordfree nassau bamboo roman shade, pecan $39.00.  Love these but do NOT want to pay almost $40 a piece, do you think $40 is too much?

I have come to terms with the fact that I will not find roman blinds like Young House Love did for $25 at Walmart, I seem to miss those lucky opportunities somehow, however these are all very similar in price so what I am most concerned with is color and what you think would fit well into the front sitting room.

Happy Friday everyone, see you next week!

See you swoon,

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  1. I don't think $40 is that bad at all for blinds that are that nice - after all, you do get what you pay for :)

    Sarah |