Love is blind

And in this case I really, REALLY love my blinds! I finally did it.  After sending many pictures to Shanna and scouring the online world for the perfect bamboo blinds, I finally have them. 

Here was my concern and why it took me so long to buy them in the first place:

1.  I was afraid I would block the natural light that comes in those windows if I added something dark and all of the pictures online that I had seen did not show the blinds transparency that I was searching for.  I do not spend a lot of my time in this room (yet) so privacy is not a huge issue.  I was more concerned with the lighting.
2.  The price of course.  Was not thrilled with the prices because I wanted to spend $20 on each blind.  I came to terms with that not happening and spent about $27.00 on each.
3.  Last issue was how would it look with all the ideas in my head for this room.  Would the dark color weigh everything down? Would it match my decor?  I know it's wood so chances are it would match but I was still worried.

Anyway, after all this worrying and contemplation here are the blinds I went with:

Overstock Tuscan Roman Bamboo Shade:

And this is what they look like in my front sitting room.  Spoiler alert, just wait until Wednesday so you can see how this room is really starting to take shape!

These are all the same angle but with different lighting so you can see how they add a little privacy, a ton of texture and interest to the windows that wasn't there before, and still let the light flood in.  I am in love.

What did you all work on this weekend?  I know it is starting to get cold out there so your projects may be moving indoors, please share what you are working on!  For those of you who endured this lovely snow storm on OCTOBER 29th (all caps necessary because a snow storm in October is just insane) I hope you made it through with heat and power and are staying safe.

See you swoon,


  1. They look great! I too am in love with bamboo shades.

  2. Good pick! They compliment the room well.

  3. I am very happy with them, truly amazing what a few bamboo blinds can add to the room. I am so excited to show you what else I did ...

    So glad you both like them too!