Would you DIY your kitchen floor?

I have a big project underway, one that involves a little dough so it may be slower going than I would like but the project is underway nonetheless.  You may have guessed from the title but the kitchen is the next big thing on my to do list.  This room is in pretty good shape but I need to of course make it my own and bring it up to date. 

This was my kitchen:

I cannot show you a progress picture because I promised I wouldn't do before and afters until they are truly after pictures, you will not have to wait long so stay tuned for that.

This is my dream kitchen:

 I keep referring back to this inspiration picture because it has the wood floor I want (I am going a little lighter), the beautiful shiny white subway tiles, and the tan/sand colored counters.  I have yet to figure out what material the coiunters are but this kitchen will be mine.

So this is where you come in.  Shanna and I are toying with the idea of laying the new kitchen floor by ourselves.  I have no idea what I am doing and neither does she but we are both excited to learn and wanted to get some opinions and advice from all of you.

Here is the floor now, this is the dining room floor that meets the kitchen floor.  I would like to extend the same color wood into the kitchen:

And here is a shot of the floor next to my jute rug, just so you can have the full picture:

First off, has anyone out there installed their own wood floor?  I have compared real hardwood to engineered hardwood and am leaning towards the engineered wood for affordability and better durability.  I know laminate is out for me, although this is a great option for many people I have decided to eliminate this choice, it doesn't quite match up to my current wood floor as closely as I would have liked.  Which wood would you choose and why?  Also any tips on laying a floor for the kitchen is much appreciated!

Secondly, when it comes to countertops and backsplashes, do the people who install the counters also install the backsplash?  I love DIY and trying new things but I have never remodeled a kitchen so I need all the advice I can get.

I also promise that when this is done I will take pictures of Shanna rubbing the countertops, she has already warned me that this is going to happen and since you are on this journey with me I feel it is only right to see the happy ending with Shanna loving the new space :) 

Happy Hump Day!

See you swoon,


  1. Can't wait to see the finished result! I did a little kitchen remodel, but we did tile on the floor instead of hardwoods but I can't wait to hear about it because we are installing hardwoods in two other rooms at some point in the future. Sorry I realize that was crazy unhelpful.

  2. Hi Maury! I can say the last night Shanna and I finished phase one of the kitchen which I will show you next week, I cannot wait! If we do end up installing the hardwoods ourselves I will make sure to go step by step to help you out with yours :)