A sneak peak into the upcoming kitchen renovation

Now that the cabinets are done I have many things in store to complete the kitchen reno.  I will give you a hint into the projects I have on the horizon.  Part of this is so you can look forward to a whole new kitchen and lots of fun after pix and the other part is to keep me held accountable for completing this giant task.  Well, I am hoping it won't be that giant but it certainly isn't a small job!

Project 1:  Finding smaller cabinets to go above the range and then purchasing an over the range microwave. I was at the Habitat for Humanity Restore yesterday and found the perfect cabinets but they are still selling it with a huge set that is about $600 so I will wait, very impatiently.  I despise waiting.

This is the second part of project 1.  I am custom building some shelves above the fridge where I can display a wine rack or fun dishes.  I originally wanted to add another cabinet but the idea of keeping it open and showing off some accessories seemed really fun.

Project 2: Counters and backsplash.  I am doing this all DIY style.  I have never done this but I think having Shanna there to help will calm my nerves.  I am not going to last long with these counters now that the cabinets are so pretty and white.  Stay tuned, I promise there will be a tutorial on this project for anyone out there following in our footsteps.

Project 3: Almost goes along with #2 since I have to do this at the same time, purchase a new sink.  NOT.A.FAN of this double sink, it makes me nuts on a daily basis so I am going for a sink with one basin that I found here for a great price!

Project 4: This one is small but I am going to wait as long as possible.  I will admit this scares me more than ripping apart the counter.  Drilling new holes into my drawers for the hardware.  Making it even is a daunting task, they were completely crooked before so I had no choice but to patch up the holes and paint over the sanded putty.  This task makes me groan, can anyone help with this...or do it for me :)

Project 5: Order cabinet doors from Barkerdoor.com.  This new window seat are needs to be closed in for a little more storage and to be honest I do not think I will ever display anything that low to the floor so this will be a better use of the space.

This goes along with project 5 as well because these will be closed in up to the cookbooks for the same reason.  However, these doors are waaayyy more expensive than the window seat doors so they will just have to wait.

Project 6: Hopefully the last one, the floors.  Here they are now:

And the wood floor from the dining room is what I am looking to extend into the kitchen to match:

So there you have it!  This is going to keep me busy for a while, you know, in the middle of changing the front sitting room every other week!  Hope you enjoy this fun kitchen adventure.  Anyone working on a lengthy project that has an endless to do list?  You know I want to hear about it so don't be shy.

See you swoon,

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