Paper or Plastic?

Well actually, I really want to know if you would prefer plastic or wood (I liked the other title better), saw horses that is!  I am not sure how I thought I would get any of my projects done without saw horses but a few weekends ago I realized they were a MUST HAVE so I went to Lowe's to pick them up and add them to my wood working arsenal.

Two hours later and the expansion of my tool wishlist from running around with the Lowe's guy, I ended up with these these in my cart:

I was drawn to these due to the limited storage space I have for tools and such so I thought these were my best option since they folded up.  I ran into a very nice gentelman who sells tools on Craigslist and he managed to talk me out of them.  Even though the Lowe's salesman swore by these plastic beauties I decided to listen to the man that used saw horses on a daily basis.  Thank you nice man in Lowe's :)

So I opted for wood saw horses.  All I need was the brackets and some 2x4's to make the legs and top piece.  So easy, and Lowe's made the wood cuts for me so I barely had to do anything but drill the wood into the brackets when I got home.

This is what they look like and you can find them here:
So what I want to know from all you builders out there, which style do you prefer more?  Any experiences with the plastic horses?  I am going to put these into action this weekend for my kitchen window seat so stay tuned for that!

See you swoon,


  1. My father is a crazy handyman and he won't use anything except this one type of wooden saw horse. Not sure what the brand is, but I'm not sure that it matters. He might just be stuck in his ways :-)

  2. This makes me very happy that I went with the wood sawhorses. Thank you for letting me know!