The ten dollar ledges that replaced my PB Shelves

Happy almost-Labor Day Weekend to you all!

A couple weeks ago, I told you about my Holman shelves from Pottery Barn that I had to take back to the store because they were too big.  I still want ledges on a wall somewhere but they needed to be on a smaller scale.  When Shanna and I went to the Pottery Barn outlet we stopped at the Christmas Tree shops and I found $10 white crown molding ledges that were perfect for what I wanted to do in the front sitting room. 

I had to give them a fresh coat of paint which was super easy and even though I cannot say the same for hanging the shelves it was worth it because they fill the space on the wall perfectly and they will allow me to display pictures and knick knacks without drilling more holes in the walls, I am very happy about that. Plaster and drills are not the best of friends. 

Blank wall:

And now:

Now to pick out some pictures and little chotchkies (I just had to look up the spelling of this word, but it is a really fun word don't you think?) to fill in the spaces!

Eventually that chair is going to be replaced with a beautiful buttery leather one and the jury is still out on the table.  I had some good ideas from everyone so I am still deciding on painting or leaving the table as is.  You know once I make a move you all will be the first to know!

See you swoon,

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