Obsessed with a staircase

Yes you heard me correctly.  Ever since Shanna and I were at the shore I have been obsessed and pining for the stunning staircase in our beach house.  There's no two ways about it, I mean when you scroll down you will see the  chunky, square, solid wood spindles with a caramel wood tone railing and you will agree, there is no denying its beauty.  The steps of course match the railing, and my favorite part?  The backs of the steps are painted white.  Never before have I just wanted to go up and down and up and down just to enjoy the beauty of the stairs I was climbing.  I am getting to a point here besides just going on and on about these steps so hang in there with me.   First check out the beach house steps:

I like this spiky plant thing...or uh sticks?  Not sure the correct term for this, straw?  Anyway, I like it so I took a quick picture to remember.

I know it sounds crazy but these stairs make me just want to lay down and rub my face all over them, they make me that happy, similar to a fuzzy animal.  Insane, I know.

Yes, and back to my point, I am sure some of your are drooling right now so this would be the time to get a napkin and run back to the computer because I need your suggestions!

When I first moved into my house I loved EVERYTHING.  As I really started living here there are many things I have decided to change, the stairs being one of them.  I was so inspired by this staircase because the wood floors are similar to the tone I have in my house.  Just a recap of my stairs:

So here is where I need your help because I have had sooooo many mixed opinions on this, do I paint the backs of the steps and remove the carpet or leave as is?  If these were your stairs what would you do?  This task is a bit of an undertaking so I have to really think this out before jumping in, especially since this is the only way to get to the second floor.  I can't wait to hear what you all think! 

See you swoon,


  1. Hi! You know I love those stairs too and they're my inspriation for my own staircase :)

    I would definitely rip up that broadloom runner. Assess the condition of the stairs under the carpet: is it practical to have them bare or do you need something on them (the key is how slippery are they)? In our first house, the bare wood stairs were way too slippery so for safety's sake, we added a runner. However, in the new house, the wood is fine.

    If you can go bare (which is my preference), paint the risers white! Go for it! I'd paint the banister too - maybe go darker espresso or make it be white.

    If you need a runner, sisal for sure. I think a striped sisal runner (stripes running up the stairs) would fit in beautifully with the beachy vibe you have in the house.

  2. Ripping up the carpet on our steps is a project that we are hopefully going to attempt in our near future. We will have to sand and stain to match our railing, but I'm definitely going to paint the risers white. I love love bare wood on steps with no carpet.