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When she found out I was moving, my friend Heather (who we've featured here and here and here) asked if I might be interested in her six cane-back dining room chairs.  She had recently inherited a lovely dining room set from her grandmother and she no longer needed her cane-back chairs.  I couldn't say "OMG YES" fast enough.  I adore the style and she sold them to me for a really great price.  Plus, six chairs!?! Totally my style? Already painted a soft white with a hint of distressing?  It couldn't be more perfect! Here they are as Heather gave them to me:

The dining room is far from done, but I decided to take an hour or so and recover the seats.  I already had the fabric on hand: I bought it for a project at the old house and (thankfully) never got around to it.  It's the Salisbury fabric from Ballard Designs.  

One small glitch: I only had enough fabric for five chairs.  I was bummed ... until I realized I had just enough fabric in a white upholstery weight with a pretty charcoal coral print on it, which would be perfect for the living room.  I could use the sixth chair in the living room at the desk!  Problem solved.  

Recovering is super easy: take off the seat, use the seat as your template, cut your fabric and then staple the fabric onto the back, pulling and checking your work as you go.  I repeated the process six times, screwed the chair seats back onto the frame and voila! The new (to me) chairs.

I love them!  I'll eventually paint the dining room table - maybe cream, maybe grey, maybe a combination, maybe something entirely different. But for now, I am loving this look!  What do you think? What color do you think the dining room should be? I think I'm going to add some white moulding and a chair rail around the space and paint the upper part of the wall a darker grey.  Any suggestions?

See you swoon,

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  1. I love the fabric on both chairs! Those chairs have been recovered a few times, but I like this one the best. I'm glad my chairs were adopted by a loving family :)
    Can't wait to see the whole dining room put together.