Two More Painted Tables

Sigh.  Back to work, back to school and back to reality.  Jamie and I spent last week with our family on a terrific vacation at the beach.  It was amazing and true to form, we were snooping in the beach house's closets for the paint cans because let me tell you: the paint colors made us swoon.  I think Jamie is going to blog about the paint choices, but here is a teaser ... this color is Morning Fog by Sherwin Williams. Isn't it gorgeous?  (oh and there is my beach bag ... fare thee well good friend and see you next Memorial Day)

We hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend and Summer for that matter!  Even though we still have a few weeks left officially in Summer, for some reason it just feels like Fall once Labor Day is behind us.  And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

What can I say? When I'm on a roll, I am on a roll.  I couldn't stand the sight of my oh-so-blah living room coffee table and boring black kitchen table one second longer.  So I did what I always do: I grabbed my paint brush and fixed them up.

As you can see, the coffee table was a medium-oak color.  I bought it for the size and the cool modern lines. It's a West Elm coffee table and I bought it from someone on Craigslist for $50.  

The pedestal kitchen table was a new purchase when we bought the house.  We needed a round table for the breakfast area and it had to be a certain size. I was having a hard time finding the right size on Craigslist, so I ended up buying this one at Target, and it was on sale with free shipping! I forget how much I paid ... I think around $120?  It was black, which normally isn't my style for furniture, but I knew I could transform it eventually (I told you: Coco is always underfoot when I do my projects).

I followed the technique I always follow when painting furniture: first start with a coat of oil-based primer.  Then when that dries, I lightly brush on Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Enamel.  For the coffee table, I used my favorite Dover White (which is a soft creamy white) in gloss.  For the table, I used Comfort Grey (a sagey-grey color) in gloss.  It took four (!) coats of Dover White and three coats of Comfort Grey to cover the furniture.  Then I topped off the paint with two coats of Polycrilic sealer.  Note: Jamie also loves Comfort Grey! We really do love the same colors ...

And now here are my pieces, transformed by the power of paint! Don't they look better?

I want to paint the kitchen chairs white, and I may just break out the spray paint to do that.  I ordered a grey & white chevron rug for under the kitchen table from Urban Outfitters and it is on its way.  Jamie is very good friends with someone who works at the company, so she placed the order and scored me 40% off.  Nice.  I'll be sure to post pictures as this space evolves!

So, what about you? Painted any furniture lately?  

See you swoon,


  1. They look great! Wow what a lot of work though! Well worth it!!

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