Easy Front Door Update

I finally got around to addressing the front door frame.  The very day we closed on the house, I removed the old storm door that was in front of our front door.  It served no real purpose and was not very pretty.  Plus, I knew it would block the eventual red front door, so down it came.  There were a bunch of holes in the door frame that I knew I'd need to fix up.  So I did.  I took some spackle, caulk and wood putty and filled in all the holes and cracks and then swiped on a few coats of glossy white paint. Done.  

But while I was out there, I noticed that the trim around the door was painted the same color as the siding.  I thought maybe it could use more of a punch.  So I painted the trim white.  It's not a major change, but I think it defines the door and makes the area look much more crisp.  What do you think?

Here is the before ...

and here is the after!

And of course I won't stop there.  I'll paint the trim around the dining room window white too.  And I am sold on adding black shutters on this window too and will paint all of the brown trim a crisp white.   Here is the area I'm working with.

Eventually I'll need to add some sort of furniture: a black bench, maybe some pillows in outdoor fabric ... and I am tossing around the idea of staining the concrete too.  What would you do? 

See you swoon,

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  1. You're right it a subtle difference, but a great one! I love the idea of adding black shutters!