5 reasons you should wear it again...

The days are flying by and before you know it, January 28th 2012, our long awaited Wear It Again event will be here.  So to get all you as pumped up about the big day as we are let me show you five reasons why you don't want to miss this!

1.  First amd foremost, all proceeds will go to benefit a very special charity, The Nursing Mother's Advisory Council.  So not only are you partying the night away, you are donating to a great cause at the same time!

2.  This is one of my favorites: You get to wear you most prized evening wear all over again, whether it is your wedding dress, mother of the bride dress, or bridesmaid dress.  We know you are dying to wear it again and trust us, it will feel good.

It  may be tight but I am going for this (we will see what winter and lots of holiday dinners bring to the waisteline):

and Shanna, well, she has told me that her heart and mind will be thinking of this beauty but after the babies that is where this dress may have to stay.  Yay for babies, boo for stretched out rib cages.  From what I hear though it is all worth it!!

3.  This is almost as important as number two:  A night out with your best girlfriends of course!  There is no substitution for a girl's night out so grab all the ladies and bring them for a night you won't soon forget.  It's all about the memories so make sure to bring your cameras and put this one in the history books.  Don't forget we have set up accomodations at the Holiday Inn so for thse of you planning to watch the sun come up you can be rest assured that when you do finally decide to lay your head down, we have a place for you to do it :)

4.  An amazing DJ in the entertainment insdustry who will have you dancing your butts off all night.  We all know the music makes the party and Fred Hart will exceed all expectations.  Thank you Fred, we cannot wait to see you!

5.  Last but certainly not least, you can capture fun photos of you and your girls in the Shutterbooth which our friend and one of our favorite vendors, Roxanne from Philadelphia Shutterbooth, will be bringing.  We want to see you all doing this:

No, I don't know these people but they were on the website which you should check out if you ever need them to attend your event!

So there you have it, five reasons we need to see your happy, smiling faces in a few short months.  Tickets are on sale now so we will look forward to hearing from you (you can check out instructions for purchasing tickets here)!

See you swoon,

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