Slice O' Life: A wedding with lots of luck

Virginia Beach.  In case you were all wondering that is where I have been for the past five days  three of which rained but the last two days were AMAZING! 

This wedding was very near and dear to me heart.  All weddings for me are meaningful and magical but this time I got to watch my best friend's brother say his vows and marry the love of his life.  I was my best friend's date so on top of getting to attend the wedding I had the pleasure of staying in the wedding beach house right on the beach the whole week and joining in all the festivities!  Despite the rain, the wedding was a blast, everyone danced the night away and we all know what rain brings to the happy couple :)  Lots o' luck!!  Will and Kate, happy, happy wedding day and here's to a lifetime of joy, health, laughter and love. I love you both so much!

And of course you knew I wouldn't leave you hanging without some pictures of the big day!

A shot of the gorgeous wedding location:

What a beautiful family!


The bridal party

An amazing cupcake tower (seriously ate about 100 of these to myself, they were so good!)

And our beautiful couple!!!

Now let's do it again! 

See you swoon,

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  1. Wait- you have friends WIll and Kate who had a wedding and resisted the urge to theme it "The Real Royal Wedding"? Kudos to them on their restraint! I totally would have exploited that! Great recap, Jamie!