A Spring in Your Step and in Your Home

Up today are some suggestions for bringing that glorious Springtime beauty inside for little to no cash.  I am always ready for something verdant and bright when Spring rolls around.  This year is no exception, so here's what I am doing:

(1) Lemons:  I posted about my lemon centerpiece that I stole from my friend Heather's cute idea.  So I have my bowl of lemons.  I also swapped out the topiaries that were on the dining room buffet and brought in the little lemon tree I picked up at the Pottery Barn Outlet (after I painted the terracotta pot white).  Lemons scream Spring to me.  As does lemon curd.  Oh ... lemon curd.

 (2) New towel:  Why not bring in a fun new hand towel? Target always has the cutest towels, and if you hunt, you can find some sweet patterns at Kohl's, Home Goods and Marshall's. I picked up this fun pattern at Target for my bathroom.  I love the print. It's actually the same print that was on one of the shower curtains I tried out, but did not choose, in my bathroom.

(3) New scents:  I love Bath and Body Works Plug-Ins.  I have them in several rooms in the house (kitchen near the trashcan and cat's litter box; upstairs bath; basement laundry room).  Most of the year, I like a cinnamon or pumpkin scent, but in Spring, I gravitate toward brighter scents like lemon or verbena.  Trust me: they are not offensive or cloying at all.

(4) Bring in the Blooms:  Flowers.  Love flowers.  Unfortunately, so does my cat, who eats them. So in Spring, I bring in some pretty faux blooms and put them in my home just for a punch of pretty.  Michael's carries very life-like looking flowers.  I found these on sale for 50% off (the hydrangea cost me $2 and the little wax flowers cost me $1).  I had the silver julep cups on hand. 

I just used my wire cutters to trim the flowers down to size and placed them in the cups.  Here they are! The hydrangea is on my nightstand and the wax flowers are on my small dining room buffet.

(5) Switch things up:  Now that Winter is over (yay!) I don't need all of the baskets in my shelf in my entry way, as these hold mittens, gloves and other winter accoutrement.  So I store them elsewhere and add a little accessories to the shelves. I moved the blue books from my living room side table to the shelf, and I found this sweet little ceramic bird on clearance at Michael's for about $.75 (yes! seventy five cents).

Since the books were gone from my side table, I found this cute little fake topiary at Michael's.  It wasn't on sale but I used a 40% coupon, so it went from $6 down to about $4.  The terracotta pot wasn't doing it for me, so I mixed up a pretty blue with my craft paint and painted it on.

I normally would do the pot in white, but there is a lot of white going on over at that side table. I felt the blue would be a fun pop of color, which that spot needs.

So there you go!  Simple Spring-tastic decor.  What are you doing to welcome Spring in your home?  It's my favorite season, so let's honor it!

See you swoon,


  1. I love all of those little touches of spring! I think I have that same bird from Michaels :)

  2. Thanks Heather! Isn't the little bird cute? I couldn't resist. And I like that he is safely tucked away from the danger of destrution by kids and cat. :)

  3. great updates...little changes but make a big Spring impact!

    have a great week!