Shanna's Picks for Jamie's Front Room

Surprise! Jamie doesn't know I am doing this post today!  I've become obsessed with helping her figure out how to finish off her downstairs.  A few weeks ago, Jamie asked our readers for help with decorating her front room.   I chimed in with my two cents (actually, I had a lot of cents.  Like twenty).  And today's post is all about putting into pictures what I was thinking in my brain.

I gotta say, I simply adore Jamie and Kelly's home.  It is so amazing: gorgeous woodwork and floors, terrific layout, plenty of space.  Jamie is doing an amazing job transforming it room by room. And best of all, it's lovely, warm and welcoming: just like Jamie and Kelly!

The front room is a bit of a puzzle for them because it's meant to be a formal living room, but as you probably know, Jamie is so not a "formal" living room kind of gal. Instead, she has a vision of the front room being a cozy sitting area - a place to chat with friends, maybe a spot to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book.  Love this idea.  As a reminder, here are a few pictures of her space:

As you can see, it's a totally blank slate. Lots of neutrals and creams.  Love!  Here's what I would do:

I'd use the Anthropologie Hibiscus Trellis curtain as the inspiration.  Jamie wants to get these for her dining room.  The palette is so pretty: lots of persimmon, a muted stem green and some soft golds.  

For the chairs in front, I'd take out the brown pillows and bring in some pretty persimmon and gold.  
Like these from West Elm:

Spiral Embroidery Pillow Covers     

Or even this little guy, also from West Elm (love that he brings in some green from the rug, too):

Perennial Pillow Cover

This one from Pottery Barn is kind of fun. It has the same colors as the drapes but introduces a new pattern.  The blue might be too blue ... but I'd want to see it in person.

Diamond Floral Embroidered Pillow Cover

I am also loving these terra cotta colored print pillow covers, also from Pottery Barn.  And they're on sale!  Jamie get them!

Block-Print Pillow Covers - Terra Cotta

Maybe some solids from Crate and Barrel in persimmon, lemon and/or ginger

See full size image      Hayward Persimmon 18" Pillow     See full size image

Moving on from the pillows, another way to bring in some color is in throws.  She could put them on the back of a chair or drape it over the side.  She's planning to bring in a chair and a half in the other corner (the second picture above), so the throw could go there.  She could also add a basket on the floor and put some throws in there.  Texture is key here.  Maybe a gorgeous cable knit throw like this from Pottery Barn in cream or taupe?

Chunky Hand-Knit Throw

Now between the front chairs, I think Jamie and I should break out the power tools and DIY a wood radiator cover.  Like this one from Wooden Radiator Cabinet Company.

On top of that, I'd put a thin profile lamp, but one that still has plenty of drama and interest.  Like this one from JC Penney (hello, less than $30)

I also love the lines of this beauty from Crate and Barrel.  White and pricey, but lovely. 

For the wall behind the chair and a half, I'd do a gallery wall with ledges.  Mix up pictures framed in either black chunky frames or dark mahogany frames with art and fun little accessories here and there.  Kind of like this look from Pottery Barn.

Crown Molding Shelf, 2', Antique White

For the rest of the walls, I'd play around with some DIY projects.  Maybe frame some scrapbook paper in large frames with oversized mattes.  Or maybe try to recreate these swoon-worthy prints that I adore from Crate and Barrel ...

I'd go with a glass coffee table in front of the two chairs by the window.  This would give a place to set down a drink and a place for some accessories but not break up the visual flow of the room.  Something like this super pricey number from Crate and Barrel (but found on Craigslist or Goodwill for much less)

Finally, for the bench, I'd replace the cushions with a color - maybe the persimmon.  I'd add a few patterned pillows to the top, too.  And a really cool oversized mirror.  Like this guy from Pottery Barn but again, DIYed!

Adelle Beaded Mirror, 24.5 x 34.5", Ivory Washed

And that does it!  What do you think?  And Jamie!?! What do you think?  When can we go shopping?

See you swoon,


  1. Great picks for the room! I love the persimmon with the blues and greens. I can't wait to see what Jamie does with the room.

  2. I love surprises and absolutely love this post today! I can envision all of this, we need to go shopping pronto to make it happen! Oh and that radiator cover, awesome, let's jump on that! Thank you so much for this post today :)