Jamie's House: DIY art inspired by Crate & Barrel

The past couple of weeks I have been determined to hang art on a wall, any wall.  I need color in my life especially now that spring has arrived and my new pedicure (thanks mom for that over the weekend) will only hold me for so long. 

I was inspired by Shanna's surprise post she had done for me a couple weeks ago, you can see that here.  The symmetry prints really caught my eye so I decided to try my spin on them.  I used the colors from the Anthro curtains I have been eyeing up for months so the dining room and front room will have colors that tie them together. I used a couple different prints I had found online and used one Crate and Barrel print that I loved most.

For those of you wondering, my Anthropologie curtains that my mother bought as an early birthday present will be here tomorrow!  My birthday is not until August but every year I seem to find something I MUST have long before my birthday comes around, thank goodness my mom enjoys buying early birthday gifts!!

I practiced and honed in on my inner artist before I used the real canvas paper I bought and it was well worth it.

This is how it all went down.  First I printed the pictures I wanted to paint:

Then it was time to start cutting, this one was definitely the most detailed to cut.  I did this to all three prints:

Time to paint.  I went a little overboard at A.C Moore but I am sure I will be painting again at some point so the acrylic paint will not go to waste.

After all the preparation and cutting, it was time to paint.  Here was the first go around.  Don't even ask what the bottom picture is all about, that one got out of hand.  As I was doing it I swore it would turn into a masterpiece, that clearly was not the case:

And the moment you have all been waiting for... introducing the first pieces of art hung in my house :)

And all together now:

Hello my lovelies!!  I am thrilled with how this turned out.  Now, on to that radiator cover.  What do you think?  Anyone feel inspired to do this in your home?  Have a great week everyone!

See you swoon,


  1. Jamie Nicole Stanley O'Neal!!!! These look amazing!!!! I adore them all but the top one is my favorite! Nice work! OOH, I have some coral fabric that you can have if you'd like. Um, why am I putting this in comments? I'll email you. LOVE THEM. Beautiful work! xox

  2. wow! those are incredible!! i love, love, love them