Diamonds are a girl's best friend?

Well in my case they are, I love them so much. however, my wallet does not feel the same way...and neither does my husband.  So, until I win the lottery and can go crazy in Tiffany's, I splurge over some of the prettiest, most sparkly (you know how I love things that sparkle) CZ and crystal jewelry I have ever seen!  I actually bought my wedding jewelry from this website and if you ask me, I could not be happier with the quality and designs they had available. 

Check out, they have a wide variety of necklaces, bracelets, rings and even celebrity jewelry that you may have seen from movies those celebs star in, kind of fun eh?  My mom compares my attraction to shiny things to that of a  magpie so I thought I would just look that up real quick to see why they have such a fascination, this is what I found (a small piece of the article anyway):

Why do magpies like shiny things? Because magpies are intelligent curious beings that like to explore. Shiny things interest them as toys, play-pretties, or something to stash away. They like to hoard.

Well, I like this reasoning except the hoarding part, after reading this I am ok with being compared to a magpie!!  I do not really hoard anything but if I did have the option, I would hoard shiny things and ESPECIALLY diamonds.  Anyway, I am rambling on now so here are a few things that I bought from this website that I wear every day.

I bought this for my wedding and still wear it every day, McKenzie's Brilliant CZ Pendant:

These studs are awesome!  This 2.5 carat stud is what I have, they look amazing and the size is perfect.  Jessica's 2.5 carat CZ Stud:

Right now I am eyeing up this lovely.  I do not wear gold that often but it is nice to mix things up once in a while!  Cheyenne's gold plated fauna necklace:

Anyone have experience with or any other website that offers something similar?  What is your favorite piece of jewelry that you currently own  or something you are dying to have?

See you swoon,

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