Swoon-Worthy Pro: Ana White

Ever since stumbling upon this blog by Ana White,  I have felt truly inspired.  I love working with my hands and grew up building pieces of furniture with my dad or just helping him around the house to fix things here and there.  Ana White has touched my heart with the projects she takes on, and then on top of it, providing easy plans for her projects to be replicated. 

Not only is this site full of projects Ana has completed herself, she features all sorts of builders including pros and beginners.  My goal?  I am going to build something of my own as soon as the weather really breaks and hope to get featured on her site as well (I need the backyard for projects like these so this nasty rain and cold weather will not do).  Now that I have figured out a  list of tools to add to my collection,  I am sure I can tackle furniture making for my home too!

Talk about a simple alternative to the very expensive Pottery Barn shelves!  Sorry PB, you know I love you but I can build these for practically nothing and they look amazing!  These are Ana's Ten Dollar Ledges:

With the warm weather upon us I have been playing with ideas for my front porch and this is a great idea for the area right under the mailbox and next to the front door, wood planters (this one was a feature from another builder): 

This chaise lounger is BEAUTIFUL, hats of to you Ana, this is amazing!  Once I get my feet wet on a few smaller projects I need to try building my own outdoor furniture.

Building furniture for your home or friends and family is something that hits close to home for me.  I would prefer taking time to build a piece of furniture that my family or others will use for years to come, there is something to be said for having a connection with the items you use in your home every day.

Does anyone build their own furniture already?  If you are not building furniture now, does Ana White inspire you the way she has me?  I wish you all a happy Friday and good luck with your projects this weekend!  Send them our way so we can feature you!

See you swoon,

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