At last, the curtains have arrived


Secondly, the curtains I have been talking about for what seems like months and months (it probably has been months and months) have arrived and have taken quite nicely to their new home in my dining room.

They are hand made, embroidered from top to bottom, and just gorgeous. What I love most about the newest addition to my home besides how well they go with my art creation from last week is that they add so much life to the room with all their vibrant colors.  The curtains have given me a little push to keep going this weekend and tackle a couple more projects on my to do list, stay tuned next week! 

I will not keep you waiting any longer, Anthropologie Hibiscus Trellis Curtains:

What do you think?  Any fun buys on your list?  Share them with us!

See you swoon,


  1. I love them! The colors are perfect.

  2. Gorgeous!!! I love the detail too: you don't see how intricate the embroidery is online. I can't wait to see what these inspire!

  3. We've been putting off replacing a window in our garage with glass block. It's currently fixed glass with a stained glass sticker covering the whole thing. So gross. And it makes it so dark in there. (Not sure what the previous owners were thinking.) On my to-do list for the summer is cleaning out the garage, painting the concrete block, and replacing that window.

  4. Okay, clearly I commented on the wrong post. Not sure how I did that!

  5. Love them!!! Dont curtains make such a big difference in a room! Really warms it up! And I love the height you hung them at ...PERFECT! I hung all mine WAY too low before the high hang became popular :( Yours look great!

  6. Hi All! The curtains have made a huge difference, I am glad you are all enjoying them with me :) Wait until you see the changes to the front room, it is amazing what a little color can inspire!

    The high hang on the curtains really makes the room feel so much bigger, I am so glad you noticed!